Another day, how can I fill my order book?

Every day I receive calls from business owners, asking me what they can do about an empty order book.
Desperate days for many people are caused by a failure to fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom.
Ok, cliche ridden start to my blog. Guilty.
What is my point?
Once the Euphoria is gone, and we have exhausted those initial wins, what can we do?
Firstly, what makes people think there will be a queue of new customers simply because they perceive themselves as “The best”.
If Entrepreneurs were honest with themselves, they would acknowledge they quickly forget the basic principle of marketing.
Marketing is no more and no less designed to promote your business to eventually make you money from goods or services.
FORGET all the clever jargon, terminology from clever marketeers.
Without customers you have no business.
1 customer should lead to a second, if you fulfil their needs, and more importantly utilise the good will generated by them?
That order may come from additional products, forward order, or a referral.
People seldom think “I have made them happy, I wonder if they know someone I could make equally happy”
Without being a bore, surely, you should be proud enough to tell people what you do, where you operate, and how they can contact you.
PR is vital. Often free, but always needs you to make an effort.
Editors have blank copy to fill, and need you just as much as you need them.
Good news sells script. That first customer you satisfied is good copy. Get a photo of the event, customer, you at work or something positive. Blog it; FaceBook it; LinkedIn etc. Send to local press. If assisted by someone like Enterprise agency, chamber of commerce, FSB, local authority, get them to PR you.
Daily update your target lists, diarise those pioneering cold calls, log the reactions for each call. What worked, what could you do different? If you always get a name, next time you can ask for the pioneer by name.
Be positive, learn to love cold calling. Make it an enjoyable fun thing. You will not die doing cold calling. Smile, it will come across on the phone!
Research daily. What is your competitor doing! Where does he advertise! What does he put on his website? Who are his main customers? Does his marketing work? The bigger the Competitor the easier to take business from him.
Research wins business.
Tomorrow make a resolution to start the day cold calling, or drawing up a strategy to win new business. Use those customers you already have to promote your business.
Good luck.
Geoff Reeves
Get Started, Blackpool, 01253477147


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