Do you queue? Or do you go to the front? Now there is a question

Ok so we are decent human beings and as such we follow historical etiquette philosophies.
In business we can sit and wait for that hoped for sale, or we can generate sales.
Let me think, which ones are most common.
Wrong answer.
You think you are proactive, but really you are lazy and get into bad habits very quickly. Sorry, if this sounds offensive to your sensitive nature, but let us be honest. We get an order, we fulfil the order and hi five ourselves. WE DO!
We, then, are shocked that we have a lull in proceedings / orders.
We should have a 100% regular order capture system in place.
What do I mean?
Firstly we need an integrated internet presence. Nothing can be done in isolation. A business succeeds when it is circled, with a strong yoke. A website needs traffic in both directions, fed and feeding. It must be found, and it must be networked. SEO is mandatory, not an option. Social media is not a throw it out and wait business, it needs constant attention. If you are reading this, you will see it is being pressed, Facebooked, Tweeted, Linkedin, grouped, placed on other peoples websites. All for free.
Secondly, we need chatter.
People must like your work, and must pass it on. Word of mouth is vital.
If you do not promote your business why do you expect others to do your work for you?
How often do you receive information, blogs, whatever, and simply ignore or read but do not comment? If you gave, you would receive, I personally try and contribute, support, and try to add value. If someone takes the time to comment, I believe it deserves my attention.
Following for the sake of it, is a numbers game. “ooh I have 50,000 followers, aren’t I successful?” Well maybe not, if they are not key to your business. Contributors or buyers are key to your success.
Next we need to be constantly reviewing our progress. Are we current? Do we need to up our game, change our service levels? Are our products right for todays market, and is my pricing still right?
Am I reviewing my costs? Do I offer value for money? Am I a trend setter ora trend follower? Do I queue or go the front.
Some simple thought provokers.
Get in touch.
Geoff Reeves
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