Ten business resolutions for February, time to start the year

Ten ways to be more effective in February, and improve your business.
1. Set yourself an objective to obtain a referral every day, from your businesses existing trading base.
2. Personally speak to one of your clients each day and sell 1 new line, service to them.
3. Review yesterday and discuss with your team, what worked, what could be improved, and how you are going to make today a success, and put right any weaknesses.
4. Re-visit your inventory(stock) and take stock of your space to sales ratio’s. Are they right? If space to sales is wrong, this is a weakness in your proposition.
5. Review your suppliers, set your self a target to get at least 1 supplier to increase your discounts, or switch 1 supplier to reduce costs.
6. Look at your initial research, have you revisited your original target list? Re-contact them. Things change, buyers change, their suppliers can change, today could be your day!
7. Is your PR overdue? Contact local press, at least, and give them some copy to keep you front of mind.
8. Make a Youtube video, and publish and link to all your social media platforms.
9. Go to a new networking group.
10. Volunteer your services to a relevant business group, make a speech, offer your expertise.

What are your top ten?
Make February the month you revitalise your business.
As always,
Geoff Reeves
Get Started


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