Chihuahua falls foul of Pet Insurance Small Print and PDSA cannot help

20120721-172759.jpg20120915-131050.jpg20120610-153029.jpgWhen was the last chance you checked your Pet Insurance?
Do you think that your loved pet is covered when things go wrong? When is £4,000 cover not £4,000 cover?
Until this week I had thought that my daughter’s beautiful Chihuahua was covered as I had paid its insurance for the last 10 years, and never claimed a penny.
Sadly Marjorie Peanuts is very sick, and we thought she was covered for Vets bills. It seems that the Marks and Spencer’s only cover her for £1,000 for any one illness. Given Vet bill so far is nearly that much and we cannot afford for her to receive an MRI scan to determine what is wrong with her let alone cure her it seems so unfair.
£1,000 goes nowhere. How many people take out insurance with what little money they have thinking it will pay when their loved pet falls ill? You never claim for the hundreds of times you go to the vet as they always cost less than your excess and pointless claiming.
My daughter cannot go tot the PDSA for help as they are not on benefits! 2 children and just above threshold for any support and dog must suffer.
I urge anyone reading this to check Pet policy, make sure you are covered.
I can see no way out for Marjorie, the most beautiful dog imaginable. You may remember some of my earlier blogs? please take a look
Please say a prayer for Marjorie Peanuts.
Kind thoughts


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