#MondayMotivation Mortatility is a shocker, Being sent your pension details wakes you up

One minute your diving on the barrier reef, not a care in the world, the next someone is sending you forms to fill in to get you state pension. What is happening? When did this age thing happen? Why did nobody tell me how old I was?

Having spent the best part of 50 years doing a tremendous amount of valued work, I suddenly have to start making decisions on my future.

I am passed hair in my ears, and other such unpleasantries.

Why is it age always happens to others!

When I was young(you see their I go again), my parents were getting old at 50. I think 70 is the new 50, well I would, wouldn’t I. It is amazing how we talk up not down. Even the Government thinks 67/68 is a good age to retire. Apologies to any woman reading this, who had worked over 40 years and thought they were retiring at 60!

The problem is if you are fit, healthy and your brain is still functioning when is the right time to start a vegetable patch, and take up wood turning?

I am useless with anything manual, have 2 left feet, not a shred of musicality in my bones, and do not want to get a masters degree in some obscure language.

Worse still no-one these days gives you a Kick up the backside and says time for the knacker’s yard. That is politically incorrect; you have to ask to go to the knackers yard. Ha ha.

Worse still your children remind you to keep your will up to date, and include the latest bunch of grand kids and husbands on the gravy list.  I notice no-one puts you on theirs, as the assumption is just like on the boating lake, your time is nearly up, so come on in.

Well let me say here and now, I prefer to grow old disgracefully, and carry on until they foreclose on me rather that walk onto the funeral pyre.

So if you know anyone rapidly approaching state pension, remember we ask for very little, a smile from a pretty woman in a mini skirt(I can just about remember the 60’s) not to be offered a seat on a bus, good health so we are not a drain on NHS, and finally the love of your family.

Wonderful things Sunshine can do for you, pity we get so little, well at least it is beautiful today.

Enjoy your day.

Kindest thoughts,



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