Global Entrepreneurship Week in Blackpool

Hi Everyone.
Listen, we are all busy, and life is tough, but and here is the but, we have arranged a fantastic week of events at The Enterprise Centre, Blackpool next week. ALL the events are being run free of charge, and all the seminars are being hosted FREE by some fantastic people.
I often hear people bemoaning the fact that no-one does anything for small businesses. In Blackpool we are proactive in that we have a service known as Get Started which has been operating 8 years, and has assisted 1,000 people to start a business.
I need YOU to play your part. Surprise us and see how many of you can support this initiative. What is the worst that can happen. You may pick up a few business nuggets. You may get some new contacts and new orders as a result. Hit the like button, Get enrolling, Get Involved. This is your centre.

Rant over, be great to see you next week. Did i say I was 65 on Sunday? make an old git happy,
Much love, Geoff


One thought on “Global Entrepreneurship Week in Blackpool

  1. Well done to all of you over there at Blackpool Unlimited, even the pensioner that is Mr Reeves 🙂 65 going on 25 Sir.

    Global Entrepreneurship Week in Blackpool proved to be a great success, lots of great presentations and bums on seats. Good luck to everyone who attended and growing a business and lovely to catch up with some familiar faces and meet some new contacts.

    Congratulations again, you should all be very proud and here’s to a great 2016 and the next GEW (we are more than happy to provide another presentation).

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