xpwebservices & Word-Forge proving 2 is better than 1


xpwebservices “You’ve invested a good deal of time and a great deal of money in making your website stand out from the crowd, only to find that your Google ranking is 16,000,000 and the crowd is looking somewhere else”

Word Forge “You see, it’s not about telling the world what you do; it’s about showing the difference you make. It’s about compelling people to pick up the phone or ‘add to cart’. It’s about avoiding clichés like the plague (apart from that one) and finding new ways to get people excited about what you do.”

Mike and Kevin have discovered that there is security in joining force with a like-minded soul that shares a common goal, whilst retaining individuality.

They “give” to “gain”. Learn from what does not work, whilst developing what can work. Being generous with their time; sharing expertise, whilst supporting Get Started through the free seminars they deliver for them.

They prove that liking what you do can be both rewardable as well as rewarding.

Kevin can be contacted at  www.xpwebservices.co.uk

Mike can be contacted at www.word-forge.co.uk


They are one of Blackpool Council’s Get Started successes

More information on Get Started can be found at www.blackpoolunlimited.com


2 thoughts on “xpwebservices & Word-Forge proving 2 is better than 1

  1. Thanks Geoff. We’re always happy to share our knowledge and help steer start-ups, small and medium businesses in the right direction.

    Always a great bunch eager to learn when we have done workshops for Blackpool Council & Blackpool Unlimited.

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