Get Started in Business in Blackpool: Why it is so important to ask for the order

First of all I would like to wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas and a Happy and peaceful New Year.

I am mindful how Social Media is the preferred method of gaining business for most businesses, however, I wonder just how much business is purely attributable to this medium?

I know many businesses that count success by the number of followers they have, retweets, site visits etc. Let us be honest though is measuring these statistics really the way to gauge success?

An example would be that I have nearly 3,000 followers on Twitter but in reality only a handful read my tweets and in most cases retweet my posts.  Yes, it gives me bulk and you could argue that I provide the opportunity for people to read my tweets and as a result articles such as this in the form of a link.

Tweets should be directed at your audience and have a clear message. Always select a couple of people that will retweet your creation as this continues the message presence longer.

Using WordPress enables you to send to Facebook, Twitter as well as Linkedin. This increases penetration with the use of one message, one piece of work.

THINK before you tweet, what are you going to say and what do want to happen as a result of your tweet. If you cant gauge a result why did you bother to tweet?

Do you always advise your current base that you tweet? Do you include them in your tweets occasionally? Do you praise people? Do you retweet? Are you a giver as opposed to a taker?

Linkedin is the best business to business platform. You can target people and as a result ensure synergy. I have about 700 Linkedin Followers and can gauge success readily. I use as a BOOKING mechanism. By targeting people who may find my seminars of use, by name and to them direct, brings better results than a scatter gone approach to all in sundry.

Always ask for an order. Telling someone you have something to sell as opposed to researching why they might need what you have to sell is a subtle difference.  When was the last time you asked someone what budget they had for sales as opposed to quoting a price? Once you know the budget you can tailor your offer to them personally.


Look at Google adwords, see which words work and try sending the same message in different formats.

Look at how other people do their social media, and learn from the way they achieve success.

Arrogance is a costly character trait.

I hope this snippet helps?

Enjoy Business, you chose it!!!

As always,

Geoff Reeves

Get Started Blackpool

01253 477147






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