Death of a legend Glen Frey 

August 2nd 1996

Downloaded a picture, so apologies if copywrite issue. But thank you.

Nynex Arena Manchester, England.

Hell Freezes Over tour comes to the north of England.

Eagles have landed!

17,000 fans

Crazy time just getting to our seats, so busy. 

Song one, and we just make it in time. Pretty bare stage, which was at first strange, as arena stage usually full of gadgets. 

Loads and I mean loads of people missed the first song.

Hotel California, and they miss this stunning iconic anthem, all 7 minutes of it. I still imagine them going home saying “why did they not play hotel California?”

22 songs and 2 encores 26 songs in total. A night never to be forgotten.

The gig included Don Felder, and to witness the chemistry between Joe Walsh and him is something never to forget. Whilst Eagles without Don Felder were awesome, and note perfect, it just wasn’t the same.

The vocals of Glen Frey and Don Henley together will never be replicated. Awesome  song writers too. 

Rest in peace Glen, take a break!


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