Grab those chances with both hands

prince charles 3 170516You know how it is. Buckingham Palace Garden Party, HRH is present.

Do you

a) Go into the tea tent?

b) Stand at the back?

c) Grab the opportunity with both hands?

On 17th May, 2016 The Prince’s Trust were celebrating their 40th Anniversary and I was fortunate enough to get an invite to the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

Not something you get every day!

I planned my strategy for how I could be in the best place to meet the future king, and then thought about how could I turn this place into somewhere he just had to visit.

Body language is all.  I stood 1 pace in from everyone else, and positioned myself facing his direction of travel.  I ensured I caught his eye with a welcoming smile, needless to say he reciprocated and came over.

He first spoke to some people alongside me who were from Burnley, which is one of his favourite places. He is passionate about Burnley. He asked me where I was from and this started a bit of banter about the North.

He stayed with us for quite sometimes thoroughly enjoying the banter.

Now the blog is actually NOT about HRH, proud though i was, but it is about you and way you position your business.

How often do you get a chance to step forward and promote yourself and your business? EVERY DAY.  How many times do you take advantage? Seldom!

When you are at networking events do you spend all the time talking to your pals?

Do you go with cards? Anecdotes about recent successes or new innovations?

Do you make yourself visible?

If you are doing work somewhere do you even speak to people next door?

Do you mention people in tweets?

Do you give or just take?

I went alone to the Palace but met dozens of people, saw lots of celebrities including a Rolling Stone!  I knew this was something i would not repeat so i made it my mission to speak to lots of people, and of course meet Prince Charles.

Job done.

Now look at yourself? Can you say you do this every day?

Enjoy the day

Geoff Reeves

prince charles 170516






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