Get Started happy to assist growing businesses in Blackpool

Where do you go for help developing your Business in Blackpool?

Get Started of course!

kriss and team

It is never easy starting a new business and whilst many find this daunting, many more find that period when the Euphoria has gone even more of a challenge.

No-one likes a blank piece of paper, or a blank order book.  It can be very demoralising  and creates a downward spiral in your confidence.

I had an email this morning from someone I have not seen for a couple of years who states that they have tried FaceBook, Twitter, other Social media platforms, Fairs, and EBay and every way they could think of to promote the business.

It is not the platform that matters; it is what you say, how it looks, what you include and more importantly who your product or services are aimed at.

Having 3,000 followers on Twitter is all well and good, but if none interact it may as well be no followers.  You have to build networks. You have to promote within existing customers as well as targeted prospects.  The scatter gun approach seldom works.

At The New Blackpool Enterprise Centre we have a short seminar running for a small number of existing clients that are faced with the above issue.

If you would like a similar opportunity please contact us at

or ring me, Geoff Reeves on 01253 477147

We are here to assist you. Business need not be scary.


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