Are you missing out by not using Google my business?


tanyas blackpool google my business

There is one common theme when I meet recently started new businesses; how can I improve my google ranking?

There are many ways to achieve this, however, if you are a local business, you can take advantage of Google My Business.

Since attending the Google Digital Garage, as part of Blackpool Unlimited’s Blackpool Enterprise Week, I took the time to complete the Digital Garage program.  I found it to be of immense value and I have used much of it when talking to new and existing clients in Blackpool.

Today I would like to concentrate on one very simple part of the Digital Garage, and that is how to improve your local visibility for free, with the help of Google.

Want to be on page 1 of Google when someone searches for a business locally, such as yours?

Want it free?

If you do not have a Google account, then now is the time to open one. By using your Google account, you can create your own local business page.

Simply type in Google My Business and off you go.  Simple to do. You can upload photos of the external and internals of your business. Provide details of opening hours, contact details and Google does the rest.

The more you can provide the more your prospective customer can see. You will need a local postcode, and it helps to have a local std number.

This will appear on pretty much all platforms.

Try typing Tanyas Blackpool and see what pops up. Brilliant.

However, when you type nail salons Waterloo road Blackpool, Tanya still shows up on page one, but she has company from two competitors.  She is 3rd on the list.  Look at what makes the other 2 more interesting to Google. That’s right, they have a local STD telephone number as well as a website listed, which at this early stage in her business Tanya does not have.

You have to constantly look at what makes your competitor more interesting and something so small can make a difference.

I hope this helps?

Content, keywords, good photos all the time.

As always, if you need help with your business you can contact us at or ring us on 01253477147

Geoff Reeves




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