Polo Market brings a flavour of Poland to South Beach




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When two Polish friends decided to start a business in Blackpool, it did not take them long to decide on what to do and more importantly where to do it.

Katarzyna Lukaszewicz and Agnieszka Ladkowska have opened a Polish Delicatessen in South Beach, Waterloo Road, Blackpool because there is a large Polish Community in South Beach and there are a number of new businesses opening in this area.

Katarzyna said “We are passionate about food and in particular meats and cheeses, which are the staple diet of Polish and Eastern European people.

Waterloo Road was crying out for something different, targeted towards both the Polish as well as the British market.

Our shop is spacious, light and welcoming and we believe the wide range of Polish Sausages, Meats and Cheeses will be appreciated by the local community.

Opening a new business is a hectic time and Blackpool Council’s Get Started Team have been really motivational and helpful, particularly helping us get to grips with online presence such as Google My Business”

Polo Market is another example of how South Beach in Blackpool is really coming back to life.

This is the 6th new business that has started in the past month.

I wish them every success and if the opening day is anything to go by, they will be!

Geoff Reeves

Blackpool Council

Get Started Small Business Adviser




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