Labyrinth Gothic and Spiritual Shop opens in South Beach

Blackpool just got a whole lot more spiritual

Tammy Dale labyrinth Profile

One Blackpool family has turned Dad’s passion for Wood Turning from a hobby into a mus visit shop on Waterloo Road in Blackpool.

Tammy Dale, owner of Labyrinth Gothic and Spiritual Shop said “Dad was a Lathe Turner and made some fantastic wooden items for friends and family.It got to the point where we could see there might be a potential to turn this passion into a business.

We started out in The New Market on Waterloo Road, but this sadly closed just as we were getting known. The good news was that the market reopened last year, and whilst we loved being in the market we needed more space to develop our business.

Labyrinth opened it’s doors on Waterloo Road on 8th August, and we can now display all our new and exciting products”

Labyrinth sells everything from Incense, Candles, Tarot Cards and all manner of Spiritual and Gothic Gifts.

Labyrinth is another example of a new and exciting new business helping to regenerate Blackpool’s South Beach area.

Tammy said “The Get Started team have been a great help in assisting me to improve my understanding of the importance of online presence including setting up Google My Business, E commerce, Free websites, domain names and much more.  The fact this was a free service was quite a revelation and I highly recommend businesses in Blackpool make contact for this tremendous support”.

If you need help and you are a new or recently opened business in Blackpool you can contact us on 01253477147 or

Geoff Reeves

Small Business Adviser

Blackpool Council

3 thoughts on “Labyrinth Gothic and Spiritual Shop opens in South Beach

  1. Its good to see a new business venture in South Shore. I especially loved the family story behind the business which drove me to visit the shop. I was greeted by a very pleasant member of staff. What a great collection of different style ornaments and crystals you have on display. I would say to anyone, “check the shop out you won’t be disappointed”!!

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  3. My husband & I first met Michael when he was in the market. He has beautiful well priced stock, will try to find anything within the shop’s genre for you & most importantly there was no sense of us being customers, we were & still are made to feel likes friends.

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