#Google My Business It’s Free to all businesses, are you missing out?

If you are in need of a boost for your business Google can give you page 1 if you are a local business

Sometimes the word Free can put people off, as it often really means “if you agree to……”, well this may surprise you but there are no catches to Google My Business.

If you have a local postcode, and or an STD phone, and of course you have a business, then bingo you qualify!

Yes that simple.

As in all things about the Internet you need to put some effort into the listing process. Think before you place is my motto.

Researching what you want people to see, and comparing with your competitor both locally and nationally really will pay dividends.

Checking your business type and it’s primary description is vital. If you have a sewing, alterations, dressmaking and haberdashery business. Picking which one to use as primary listing will affect where you appear on Google My Business listing. Still likely to be page 1, but not top of list.

Try this now for your own business.

Also what you call yourself counts. Look for “Sewing Blackpool” and see what you find on Google. Now try a few permutations as above, you will see my point. It also helps if your name is one that could point to your trade or profession. Whilst calling yourself “ABC”, or “Geoff’s” might make you happy, unless you have deep pockets people with more descriptive names will always beat you on Google My Business(unless you have no competition)

Always put good photos on the page, always give multiple ways to contact you(as above) plus a website where possible.

In the past few days I have assisted a number of businesses in Blackpool to improve their presence on Google dramatically and all for free.

Go on, have a look, it is easy!!!

More information on Get Started can be found at http://www.blackpoolunlimited.com

or if you live in Blackpool and need our help by ringing 01253 477147


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