Success in Business starts with lists

Success in Business starts with lists


Firstly, I am quite willing to admit that making lists is probably way down the priority of a large number of Entrepreneurs, possibly because most of their time is spent on grander things, like getting rich.

Now partly because I am not as young as I once was, and more likely because my memory is never good these days (actually I seem to recall it was always a bit iffy) I always make lists.

Why are lists important?

Keeping a list reminds you of things and tasks you said would do, and usually do not get round to completing.

Top of my list was and is always to remember to say “Thank You”. Two simple words that cost nothing but mean a great deal to the recipient; whether it is your staff, your customers or your partner.

Strictly speaking it is not something you put on a list of tasks, but always reminds me of the importance of showing appreciation.  You will be surprised at the impact on future relationship building and potential business it generates.

All tasks should be as a specific as you can make them, something you can action; and have a time stamp attached to them.

There is no point in having a list if it so long you are daunted by its very presence. Keep it short and actionable every day.

Continuous Personal Development is an example of where a list can come in pretty handy.  Do you pay lip service to this topic? CPD can be as simple of keeping abreast of news either Paper or E Version.  Getting yourself on mailing lists for updates about your industry is a must, and even if the information seems a little obscure of outside your area, it might involve updates and tricks you can use where you operate.

I recently gave myself an objective to understand the Google Digital Garage.  It has 90 plus modules; so there was little chance I could sit through it in one go, nor would I have wished to.

By setting myself the task of doing 1 or 2 a day, I managed to complete the task in those quiet moments you can always find if you prioritise and adhere to your list.

A list enables you to consider your market place and once started never ends.  A list of potential clients is a moving feast and never remains static.  Good salesmen always keep up to date and always keep in contact.

Competitors are no different to you; they have lists and they are ever changing what they sell, what they charge, where they trade.

Do you keep up to date records on your client base and indeed your target base? People move, people change contact details, people take on new staff, businesses stock new products, businesses change suppliers.

A list MAKES you think about your business.

Isn’t it time you started making lists?

Isn’t it time you started acting on those lists?

Geoff Reeves

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