Care Academy Course in Blackpool

Care Academy Course in Blackpool

Times are tough in Blackpool, or so we hear.  One Blackpool Company that has only been operating a few years has learnt to give something back to the local community whilst at the same time provide qualification, hope as well as work in the care industry.

Baxter Life care ltd, Blackpool, recently launched a training arm know as Baxter Life Training and last month gave 15 ladies, of which 14 were single mums, true hope and fulfilled their dream of gaining a qualification and employment that fits around their family.

No small feat, as money is always tight and demands on staff resource always high.

They coupled with Blackpool’s Lakes Community Office on Mereside to involve the local community in this project.  Such has been the success that they have announced a second course with an open day at The lakes Community office on 22nd September, 12-4pm.

If you or someone you knows wants to change their lives and gain qualification and work then go along. It is a win win for you and them.

Let’s help our local communities and regenerate Blackpool.

As always , Geoff Reeves, Blackpool Get Started ,, 01253 477147

If you love Blackpool then pass this on.

3 thoughts on “Care Academy Course in Blackpool

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  2. What a great adventure this course proved to be for all concerned. We have been amazed at the amount of talent and passion in the candidates that attended so much so we’ve decide to run another one! Geographically the barriers are wide open this time so no matter where you live get in touch if you’d like to be part of this next course

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