#Business owners; do you keep up with Continuous Personal Development?


It is often said that the first thing that goes when time gets tough is training.  Yes, I know what you are thinking, but trust me it really is!

The bottom line is the tougher it is, the more you cut perceived non essential tasks, duties, divisions, people even.

The reality is that time must always be made for development, gaining new skills, improving those that you have. I have a challenge for you; when was the last time you took yourself away from the business and attended an external course?

The truth is that it was probably quite a long time ago.  Most business owners attend networking events, expos and the like but seldom attend a workshop, even when it is free.  The excuse is always apathy or simply “no time”.

Few business owners are proficient at all things, and that is fine, but can they really ignore the basics.

In the past few years the internet has developed to the point that more and more people run their business from home, have virtual offices;  Skype/conference call; Podcasts; E Commerce more that High Street sales and use the internet to obtain news/updates.

If this is the case are we becoming robots?

Can we survive without human interaction?

It is a fact that the best leads for any business come from personal recommendation or via networking. Yet businesses continue to have a head down approach as opposed to a head up approach.

In my own personal life, I have been gainfully employed or self employed for 50 years now. My longevity is not by accident, it is because I have always believed in CPD, and have always wanted to learn new skills, gain more knowledge and be better at what i do then the other guy.

I believe I have always demonstrated a winning mentality, and someone who wants to grow.  Many of my colleagues over the years had a fear of change believing that sticking at what you are good at protects you.  Wrong!  Being flexible and multi skilled is the answer.

Coca Cola in the UK has one of the worlds largest canning factories in Wakefield, yet it is run by only a handful of highly skilled multi tasking individuals.

We should embrace new skills, and do all we can to attend a variety of events, groups, courses etc.

Set yourself an objective of attending at least 1 seminar per month, even attending a seminar you believe you know all there is to know about the subject.  Chances are you are out of date, but did not know it.

At Blackpool Council we have a suite of seminars coming up this Autumn, and we want to attract SME’s with growth aspirations. They will be fun and make you think. Seminars will include On Line Presence, Selling as well as Marketing amongst others.

If you want to know more get in touch.

Wherever you are invest in your personal and business future.

Geoff Reeves





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