Mad About Games Studio: from Blackpool to the Stars aboard their Starfighter


Shaun Williams is that rare individual that is living the dream, and spends every waking moment creating new innovative ways to share his virtual world with his many followers.

From a small studio in Bispham Village, Blackpool, he has created a plethora of exciting games over the past 3 years. He specialises in producing science fiction games that utilise the latest technology such as virtual reality and tracking device.

Shaun’s journey started in Blackpool where he attended Cardinal Allen school, and then UCLAN where he obtained BA (Hons) Game Design.

He then joined the Army where he stayed 4 years.

The next 10 years or so saw him develop his craft in modelling, level design, Cinematics,  3D modelling etc. He was involved in game/level design and development of Babylon 5 based game using the freespace engine amongst other projects.

From their he progressed to such exciting projects as “Mission Moonbase” at the MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) which takes guests on a simulated journey to the moon’s surface, where they will become part of a team operating a lunar colony in the year 2070. The interactive exhibit, funded in part by a grant from NASA, aims to teach visitors about the prospects of life away from Earth by having them monitor resources such as food, water and air quality. Shaun’s moon base alpha model was proto-typed for display in the Moonbase exhibit.


Bringing you up to date over the past 3 years his “Ghostship” and “Ghostship Aftermath” VR games have proved a huge success. You can read more about these ground breaking games at


His latest game is about to be released and you can watch trailers below.

(2016) CDF Starfighter VR – Space Combat Simulator – EA Trailer 2

CDF Starfighter – Steam Greenlight Trailer

Terran Spaceship fleet CDF – Destroyer, battlecruiser and Heavy cruiser

Shaun is currently being assisted by Blackpool Council’s business support team on subjects such UKTI, Patents, Copyright, College support etc.

Shaun commented “I am working 25 hours a day and sometimes you just need a bit of help to see the wood from the trees; Blackpool Council are providing support with no strings attached and I am finding it enormously helpful.”

Blackpool needs to diversify from it’s traditional image and people like Shaun can only help break the mould.

You can get help from Blackpool Council by ringing 01253 477147

Geoff Reeves





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