Tattlight proves Rock n Roll can save your soul


Welcome to the wonderful world of Tatt Light – Vintage Style Lights Inspired by Tattoo Art

Roger Taylor of Tattlight seen above at a recent exhibition

Roger is that rare breed of individual that finds something and twists it until he sees the LIGHT.

He is a creative that surrounds himself with creative people that can inspire him into new projects.

His ambition is to provide a platform for great Tattoo Artists to show their work in another medium.

Roger Taylor(The one from Queen) photographed with one of Tattlight’s unique creations


Tattlight a.k.a. Papi Taylor, has created his own genre.

Fabricated from weathered steel, these intricate pieces are sculpted by hand. Traditional tools and methods are used to craft something truly illuminating.  A composition of inks and paints are used to create a nostalgic image on the weathered steel faceplates. Lit by Edison lamps these pieces take the viewer on a journey of art and light, fused as one.
He was assisted by Blackpool Council’s Get Started service nearly 3 years ago, and that support provided him with much needed Mentoring as well as access to finance.

Although he started in Blackpool he has now progressed to his own studio in the Northern Quarter in Manchester at Hope Mill, 113 Pollard Street, Ancoats, Manchester M4 7JA.

Speaking to Papi yesterday you cannot help but be enthused by him.  He has so many projects on the go, I am amazed he finds time to speak to you.  The fact he makes time to catch up with you and share his journey speaks volumes about the man.  He is moving onwards and upwards but has not forgotten the support we gave him in those early days.

He has just exhibited in Soho, London, at the prestigious Wildfire Tattoo Collective based at The Sanctum Hotel, Warwick Street, London, W1B where he received rave reviews and gained several commissions.



So their you have it, a true inspirational business that continues to grow and grow, but

With Love & Light 


More information about tattlight can be found at http://www.tattlight.com

Geoff Reeves





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