No.10 Alehouse a true Micropub in leafy St.Annes on Sea

20 years as a local postman, now living the dream in his own micropub

George White is that rare man that has a dream and goes on to live it.

Many of us “Blokes” dream of owning our own pub, but few get what they want.

There are lots of pubs out their but not so many that put social intercourse, a refreshing silence(aside happy chatter and laughter) and a damn good pint forefront of their attributes.

George was recently interviewed by my colleague, Kriss Wilson, Get Started Business Adviser at Blackpool Council, and i have reprinted some of the questions and responses.

I hope that you like them, and if in the area, pop in to No.10 Alehouse in lovely St.Annes.  You will be warmly welcomed, by a man of huge heart and friendly disposition. When you are enjoying your Ale think of others less fortunate than your self drinking a pint of Lager!


george-white-facebook-no-10-ale-housegeorge-whiteWhat made you want to open the micro pub?

  “Well, it has all stemmed from my passion for real ales really I am a member of CAMRA and helped set up the beer festival at Blackpool Cricket Club it was here I made the ultimate  decision to move forward with my dream and set up my own business. Being a born and bred Blackpool lad, along with my interest for real ales, I knew there was an opportunity in the market for something like this other people have talked about opening a micropub in the past and they never materialised I wanted to open something unique and something close to my heart I wanted to open ‘the first micropub’ in the Fylde area!”

 Was this a life changing decision? Now or never because of age / circumstances e.g. children growing up and leaving home?

 “I feel that now is my, and my lovely wife Alyson’s, time to start a new venture together. We have two beautiful children Hannah and Lucy who have blown flown the nest and now have children of their own. Having the spare time, and seeing friends succeed with their own ventures has given me the confidence to follow a dream of my own”

 What have you enjoyed spending time doing previously – work or leisure?

 “For the majority of my working life I enjoyed 20 years as a local postman of the Fylde area as well as a short stint working as a carpet fitter, unfortunately I had to leave both jobs due to ill health. I have also enjoyed running £1 shops across the Fylde area as well as our own beverage and food van with my brother, who sadly isn’t with us anymore. For leisure I enjoy watching Blackpool F.C, for my sins, fishing and spending time with my two beautiful Grandchildren Theo and Scarlett.”

 Is it a family venture? (If yes – who’s involved?  Explain the advantages of working with family)

 “Very much so, my family have all supported the idea throughout and have expressed an interest to work in the bar once open. Some people say you should never work with family but I strongly believe because we are such a close family that it will work. That with different members of the family having various experience in the trade I’m sure we can really make it work!”

 What do you want the micropub to offer – explain why it’s better different to a standard pub?

 It’s a unique drinking experience, something which no one in the local area can offer, from serving locally sourced real ales and ciders to speciality wines and spirits. I want it to be a place where people come to socialise and enjoy other peoples company. We are going back to basics, we are not going to have football being shown every weekend nor loud music until the early hours, it is going to be a sophisticated venue where people can enjoy other peoples company over a pint of the finest ale or cider offered in the Fylde area or a glass of Prosecco or wine.”


 Talk about any plans you have going forward – special events / charity nights etc.

 “In time I would potentially like to, perhaps, turn into a microbrewery, like I say I have a real passion and interest in how real ales and ciders are produced and one day would like to produce my own, something again you don’t see much of in pubs across the Fylde. I hope to have local artists playing music as well as having our very own club where people can enjoy beer tasting and holding charity events for charities that are close to my heart. A long term goal of mine, rather than a plan, is to be in the good beer guide to have people recognise your hard work and dedication is a great achievement in itself and it’s something I am really striving for”


For more information about George White, and his super little Micropub, visit his Facebook page

As alway you can get business support and much more by visiting or by ringing 01253 477147

Geoff Reeves

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