A Blackpool mum of 2 young boys creates an Oasis of calm

Strengthen, Rest, Restore and Recover with Yoga Blackpool


Yoga Blackpool is Blackpool’s first dedicated yoga space, offering a diverse range of yoga classes and workshops in a beautiful studio overlooking the sea.
A Blackpool mum of 2 young boys and originally from London has achieved her dream and created Yoga Blackpool; a peaceful haven, in the heart of Blackpool’s North Shore.

Angela Ross has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, having been fortunate to have learnt from many wonderful teachers in different styles and traditions such as Iyengar, Hatha and Vinyasa flow.

Angela said “I incorporate these principals into my yoga classes, creating safe sequences that support the breath and strengthen the body. I am passionate about yoga and it’s benefits, I love teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience. My yoga practice helps me to live the life I have with kindness, tolerance and love for myself and those around me. Life isn’t always easy, yoga helps.

I have been searching for the perfect location for over 3 years and believe that I have found this in Blackpool where my new studio is located.  Yoga Blackpool is situated on the first floor, overlooking the sea with panoramic views; an oasis of calm.”

Angela proves that personal and business goals can be achieved if you have ability, patience and belief.  Opening a business is always a risk, however, if you have the right business model, the right location and the passion to see it through, anything is possible.

I met Angela two years ago on one of the Enterprise Courses I run as part of Blackpool Council Get Started scheme, and over the following period her dream has been realised. Never afraid to seek advice always willing to listen and learn she is the perfect example of location, location, location at all costs.

I remember vividly her describing 1a Red Bank Road as her “must have” location and here we are 2 years on, she is now in situu and already a great success.

Another brilliant new business in Blackpool


Yoga Blackpool
1a Red Bank Road
(Post C/O The Cafe Royal)
Tel: 07990 712 478

I hope that you have enjoyed this Blog

Geoff Reeves




3 thoughts on “A Blackpool mum of 2 young boys creates an Oasis of calm

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  2. Sounds and looks fantastic great to see this kind of space appearing in Blackpool. A definite asset for the town and a great advert for following your passion in life. Good luck to Angela and her new studio/venture.

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