#Start A Business in #Blackpool

#Start a Business in #Blackpool


Now I have grabbed your attention, I am the one on the left in case you were wondering.

There has never been a better time to start a business in Blackpool. Our economy is on the up, with fewer vacant shops than ever.

When I started out the only people you could turn to for business advice were Bank Managers, Solicitors, Accountants and The Federation of Small Business and Chamber of Commerce. Your average young person would have been a)afraid to approach and b) probably frowned upon, as it was only your dad’s age group that opened a business.

How the world has changed.

There is a tremendous amount of support both research, as well as financial support, mostly free.

Nearly 1,100 businesses have been supported by Blackpool Council’s Get Started Service in the past 9 years, with a survival rate after 1 year of over 90%.

Support can provide that much needed shoulder to rely on, as well as provide an available research and mentoring back up.

If you are on benefits there are schemes to assist with funding as well as training to support a positive outcome when considering starting a business.

The New Enterprise Allowance has been designed to provide practical support and ensure new and growing businesses achieve the minimum income floor, approximately, £11,000.

All you need is an idea, some drive and ambition, coupled with a can do attitude.

Katarzyna Lukaszewicz of The Polo market on Waterloo Road, Blackpool has already made a great success of her new venture, tapping in to the vibrant Polish and Eastern European population in South Shore, Blackpool


Need a loan? We have links with Start Up Loan Company and others.

Come and talk to us if you are thinking of opening a business in Blackpool.

We can see you the same day usually and then provide a plan of action that enables you to Get Started quickly.

What are you waiting for?

Ring 01253 477147



As always, Geoff Reeves


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