All you need is Love Part 1

Four weeks that changed my life

What do you do when life deals you a bad hand?

i mean a really bad hand!

Imagine this, you have just returned from the paradise that is Sandals Barbados, feeling amazing, and you go for a check up with your GP.

You had a slight irregularity in the toilet department but GP tells you “I am sure it is nothing, but best go to hospital, no panic so will not mark urgent.”

Invasive examination later, consultant tells you not to worry but best come ASAP for a more detailed internal examination of your Bowel. Now you start worrying but as you are as fit as a fiddle, half marathon runner, scuba diver, go to gym regularly and just returned from holiday where you were swimming every day, cannot be bad news.

After internal you go into recovery bay and wait and wait and wait. “Excuse me nurse can I go yet?” “Consultant would like to talk to you so please wait”

Now your getting worried. I was not accompanied by anyone as I did not, in my wildest dreams, believe there was anything that could be wrong with me.

Consultant organises a private room and a sister to accompany him. I have some bad news we have found an abnormality in your Bowel which we would like to look closer at.

You hear nothing after this. I can remember saying I will be fine when asked is there anyone with me, and then walking home in a daze.

How do you tell your loved ones what you have just been presented with?

You just blurt it out and sit numb.

i recall my wife, ever the optimist, said it could be anything and not to worry until after the comprehensive internal examination which is the next step. Cannot be Cancer, can it? After all no one has used the C word yet.

A few days later I go for another more detailed internal with a specialist consultant.

Once more into the dreaded consultant room, this time with my wife.

The news you dread is explained to you. “We think your abnormality might be cancerous but until we have looked at biopsy I cannot confirm this.”
At this point you are asked to go for MRI and CT scans. Getting very scary now, Barbados seems a long time ago(4weeks to be precise)

The next stage in the process is to go back to the consultant. He is very jolly, even humorous, and confirms your worst nightmares you have Bowel cancer but the good news is he can operate and every likelihood it will be good outcome. He points out it could have been worse, and then proceeds to point out that the scans have shown something that concerns him in my lung!!!! But as always do not worry!

The next step is going for a PET scan which lights up cancerous cells. Sure enough there is something in my lung, and I was referred to lung specialist.

Lung specialist was really nice and tells me to concentrate on Bowel and when that sorted come back!!!!

The above took place over 4/5 weeks and is still a blur.

All you need is love and someone to keep your feet on the ground.
“You will beat this, and we will go back to Barbados once you get all clear!” IF was not an option.

In part 2 I will cover the family and friends reaction/ support mechanism and chemotherapy and Radiotherapy treatment that came next.

Positivity is mandatory in facing ♋️

more to follow7C93498D-CE1A-4AEF-9839-8937F5F88BD6

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