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Wild Togs is so cool

Why is it that everything costs so much? Are you like me, tired of paying the earth to obtain presents for your grand kids? I have just met someone who makes the most adorable items for the nursery amongst other things Not only are they adorable, but i can afford them How cool is that … Continue reading

Mystery on Saturday

When was the last time you looked at your Competitor? Unlike some circumstances, ignore your Competitor at your peril. By knowing his SWOT’s you can gain vital pointers about your own progress. What is he good at? This could give you vital clues on what you might need to improve yourself. Not knowing is pretty … Continue reading

#Mystery at night

Alice knocked on the door and no-one answered, to her surprise the person on the other side stood next to her! Now how was she to get to the other side of the door? Yet another conundrum, what do you do when confronted with problems outside of your control? More Businesses go under due to … Continue reading

#Mystery at noon

Can you remember what the Blue Caterpillar asked Alice? Whoooooo rrrrrrrrr yooooooooooooo Very appropriate in this mystery. In the virtual world Who are we? Where are we? What are we? In the real world it is no different. Whilst the Blue Caterpillar spoke in riddles, he spoke absolute sense. If we do not obtain visibility, … Continue reading

#Mystery latest edition

#Mystery. In another moment down went Alice after the White Rabbit, never once considering how in the world she was going to get out again. What is the message? How often have you continued going down the Hole? When do you say “should I reappraise my strategy?” Where do you go for help? Who do … Continue reading

#Mystery today

Is Competition good? What did the Queen of Hearts think Alice was? What do you think Competition is? At it’s simplest, it is anyone or anything that your Customer might need his money for. Do you think there is a lot of money sloshing around in the Economy? Obviously the answer is no. With more … Continue reading

#Mystery continues

Why did Alice drink the potion? Was she a silly little girl? What was the result of her strange affliction of being a curious child? Did she simply think there would not be a consequence for her actions? Have you ever done something you later wished you had thought better of? That 60’s dress in … Continue reading