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#Gay Pride Blackpool “Marjorie looks to replace Mabel”

Did you see Mabel’s Blog yesterday? The thought that anyone could fancy her more than me? Look in the mirror! Beehaveperleees! It could turn a dog I know the weather is bad, but a girl can only try new things Do you think this is too much? I’ll give it a go! Advertisements

#marjorie peanuts vs Mabel

You decide who is cuter In the red corner Marjorie Peanuts Champion Chihuahua Cute but effected, knows she is hot Loves the camera Top dog! In the blue corner Mabel the Yorkshire Terrier Never rests Never leaves you alone Energy oh my G.. Loves everyone Thinks she is no.1 You decide, retweet and vote

#Marjorie Peanuts does tea

You cannot beat a good cuppa Even better when someone else makes it! Uncle Geoff won a Competion on Twitter you know? 1 year supply of tea, no less. Aren’t I Lucky!!! Time for a nap, me thinks Hope no-one lights a fire

#Jubilee “Marjorie does not do rain!”

Here we are in London then Blimey what is going on? Mummy seems a bit stressed? Seems some old person has gone for a row on the river Where did all these people come from? Seems wet out their. Just as well Molly Talulah and me are ok!


Pudsey has just won BGT I wonder if he needs a bit of light relief TOWIE bling on Sat at home dreaming of what I would do with half a million? How much Cheese would that buy? Oh well, back to the basket!