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Tattlight proves Rock n Roll can save your soul

Tattlight proves Rock n Roll can save your soul

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tatt Light – Vintage Style Lights Inspired by Tattoo Art Roger Taylor of Tattlight seen above at a recent exhibition Roger is that rare breed of individual that finds something and twists it until he sees the LIGHT. He is a creative that surrounds himself with creative people that can … Continue reading

Success in Business starts with lists

Success in Business starts with lists Firstly, I am quite willing to admit that making lists is probably way down the priority of a large number of Entrepreneurs, possibly because most of their time is spent on grander things, like getting rich. Now partly because I am not as young as I once was, and … Continue reading

Caring for the community

A local care company is helping unemployed people back into work by providing training in adult social care.   Baxter Life Care offers care services in the Blackpool and Manchester areas, and has developed a series of care academy courses that will help those who have no industry experience or wish to update their knowledge … Continue reading