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#Elton John plays Blackpool Headland

I wonder what Elton will wear in Blackpool? Sunny Seaside Demure and understated? What would my pal Gracie wear? She is a quiet soul though Perhaps I’ll stay at home…… Concert stopped mid concert due to seriously bad weather and danger to public if stage being blown down. Gracie never got to go!

#marjorie peanuts vs Mabel

You decide who is cuter In the red corner Marjorie Peanuts Champion Chihuahua Cute but effected, knows she is hot Loves the camera Top dog! In the blue corner Mabel the Yorkshire Terrier Never rests Never leaves you alone Energy oh my G.. Loves everyone Thinks she is no.1 You decide, retweet and vote

#Jubilee “Marjorie does not do rain!”

Here we are in London then Blimey what is going on? Mummy seems a bit stressed? Seems some old person has gone for a row on the river Where did all these people come from? Seems wet out their. Just as well Molly Talulah and me are ok!

#Marjorie’s Diary

Marjorie’s Diary April 7th,2012 I live in the pretty cottage with the blue door? It’s in Cornwall. I am lucky, aren’t I? Mummy said it might rain today, and she has just cleaned her pretty cottage with the blue door. She said best not go out to play, or she will get cross. Shall I … Continue reading

#Chihuahua Marjorie “A Marjorie for all seasons x

I hope you like Marjorie Peanuts, she is special, and this the first in a series of photos, to go with stories to follow. If you “like”, say so, and leave a comment. She will be very upset if you do not. Remember she is a Princess! Picture courtesy of “The Pickle”