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Tattlight proves Rock n Roll can save your soul

Tattlight proves Rock n Roll can save your soul

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tatt Light – Vintage Style Lights Inspired by Tattoo Art Roger Taylor of Tattlight seen above at a recent exhibition Roger is that rare breed of individual that finds something and twists it until he sees the LIGHT. He is a creative that surrounds himself with creative people that can … Continue reading

#Business Price it right-get it right

Do you dress to impress? My Mother always told me that clothes maketh the man. Now I always thought that she was not impressed by my dress sense, but I can now see what she was getting at. Customers can get the wrong message about your business by how you market yourself. In fact it … Continue reading

#Business Real people who have started businesses #1

Amanda Marshall Owner of  intrepidfish, FYCreatives Centre, Blackpool Today marks the first in a series of Blogs highlighting people on the road to a successful Business. Amanda is typical of the new business starts that I come across.  Here is her story to date:- Graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a 2:1 in Graphic Design, … Continue reading

#Mystery latest edition

#Mystery. In another moment down went Alice after the White Rabbit, never once considering how in the world she was going to get out again. What is the message? How often have you continued going down the Hole? When do you say “should I reappraise my strategy?” Where do you go for help? Who do … Continue reading

#Mystery today

Is Competition good? What did the Queen of Hearts think Alice was? What do you think Competition is? At it’s simplest, it is anyone or anything that your Customer might need his money for. Do you think there is a lot of money sloshing around in the Economy? Obviously the answer is no. With more … Continue reading