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#Business The action plan calendar

One of the most important aspects to consider when starting a new business, is when to do what. Let me explain. Let us as we are going to open a Beauty Salon. We have the qualifications, and enough money to set up. How do we decide where to operate from? Your most important decision, even … Continue reading

#Business “The Importance of Image

I am sure those of you that follow my Blog will be aware that I teach Business, as a subject, in my Road To Business Courses. This week I was given a wake up call from one of my previous students, that contacted me via LinkedIn. Linzi Cason is a well respected photographer in Blackpool … Continue reading

#business “service matters”

I am on holiday, so a short Blog. I am sat in the Deli in Launcesten, Cornwall. Why Blog today? Very simple. Service is an often ignored aspect of Business. People are just to busy. This tiny Deli in Launcesten, has 2 super assistants serving fantastic food, at great prices. Nothing is too much trouble. … Continue reading

#Business “Always ask for that referral!”

Another super day at the “Office”! Week 3 Road to Business course at FYCreatives on Church Street, Blackpool. 10 delegates have stayed the distance, and the feedback sheets suggest everyone enjoyed the course and learned a great deal. A key element of week 3 is to recognise the importance of “Free” methods to gain new … Continue reading

Free Business Advice

Just starting out in Business? Excited? Apprehensive? Enthusiastic? Join the club, we all were once, and some of us are still smiling every day we go to work. Money is the oxygen that keeps ideas and businesses alive. Starved of oxygen we cease to exist. So doesn’t it make sense to get some simple advice … Continue reading