Listen more than you talk, wise words indeed, Business advice in Blackpool

I have just read some wise words written by Richard Branson.
Now they are not his words to be accurate, but from a blog he has just written, in which he relays advice he received from his father.
He makes the point that those who do not listen fail to grasp the point that no-one has the rights to all knowledge, and by listening you can gain knowledge. He describes a circle with a dot inside it, and this represents our knowledge in the big game, which is miniscule.
So why am I writing this? I am no Richard Branson, and do not pretend to be.
You have something to sell, and someone wants to buy.
Before you pounce and brow beat into submission think about their needs before you sell.
People buy what a product does for them not what it does for you.
First ask what their needs are, and then ask questions to provide vital clues as to what you have, that you can provide, to meet these needs.
There is no point selling someone a 2 seater car if they are looking for a people mover for their 5 children to be transported in.
Whilst listening you buy time to respond and build your pitch. Fail to listen, and you might miss selling messages. If you do all the talking do not be surprised if they switch off, and walk.
Know your product, know it’s strengths and what it does for people. If you know the benefits your product can supply it allows you to be confident, and once you have picked up on their needs, you can extoll it’s virtues and score. Listen more than you speak. Always be closing! If they say they will have it, shut up and wrap it up, take the money, thank them and bingo.
You will improve your technique if you analyse what worked, what failed. It takes time to hone skills, and you have to expect failures on the journey to being the best.
Always review the sale, even if you achieved success. Always improve your script. Practice, practice, practice.
So next time someone comes in your shop, listen to what they say. Fill needs, provide benefits.
Hope this makes you think a little.
Geoff Reeves
Get Started, Blackpool


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