Posted in June 2012

#Language4Life #Business in Blackpool

Euro 2012 We are all avidly watching the current football tournament in Poland and Ukraine, and in true British tradition probably have no idea what people are saying. Foreign language is just that, foreign to us! something for someone else. Let them speak English. Oh dear! A couple of years ago a young lady came … Continue reading

#Art into Fashion, Linzi Cason Rocks Blackpool

Tenacity, is today’s theme Linzi Cason, Photographer and Designer In Blackpool, we have one of the countries best Photography colleges. I know this, because of the number and quality, of young people that come to see me for advice. But, and this is thing, most are naïve when it comes to expectations when going into … Continue reading

#Elton John Blackpool concert cut short why?

The concert took place facing the sea, on a flimsy stage, fully exposed to the elements. The forecast was horrendous. The organisers bought 10,000 pakamacs, they knew bad weather was predicted. Tv said if was predicted a once in 50 years storm? Thank goodness Elton John gave 200%. A true professional. 2 hours nearly. He … Continue reading